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Appointments are available over the phone & via Skype:- 1-2-1 reading depends on locations.

Life Coaching 1-2-1 : £75

Transcendental Meditations & Meditations : £20

Spiritual / Cosmic : £15 p/h

Harmonic Healing : £25 p/h

Sitting / Reading : £55

Contactee Appointment : £45


Bring a list of questions with you, I find people often come see me with their head full of questions then as soon as we begin everything slips away, only to reappear after they have left.

If you are unable to pay for a session, please inform me and we may be able to work something out.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that before booking a session with me, that all readings should be looked at as a form of guidance only and no information can be guaranteed. All readings take place at Sacred Spirit unless otherwise stated”.

All information covered within the session is confidential, please do not be concerned with me revealing anything we discuss. The information is to you from the universe, I tend to forget the information revealed within a matter of minutes after the reading has concluded. Please note that the information I receive from your guides is an indication as to where you are headed based upon your current trajectory; if you decide to change your lifestyle; your energy or your perspective, you are able to change your fate. This is a beautiful thing within the freewill universe. Any and all information revealed to the client is to be used at their own discretion.