About – Alley Damree Dip. C (Inst. NH) ,BA (Hons)fhhhfgsh
As an Accredited Life Coach and Counsellor, I have extensive experience in the care giving field and having spent many years working within the Customer service sector. It was there that I discovered the aspects of the work that I find most enjoyable and rewarding, where I could offer deeper therapeutic support and assist people through life’s challenges.

I decided to take this further by advancing my studies and becoming a Professional Counsellor and Life Coach. I have had lengthy experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, providing them with Leading Edge Counselling and Coaching via Face to Face Therapy, as well as Online and Telephone services. I’ve earnt the reputation of being able to provide an atmosphere of safety, respect and optimism for the capacity to overcome difficulties. In the process, my clients have developed an increased sense of satisfaction and effective control over their lives.

I’ve decided to combine my Intuitive Talent (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance) : with Life Coaching and Counselling and provide the right level of service to the right client.

Intuitive Talent: 

* From an early age interest in the paranormal world :- visited various psychic & medium with relatives

* Founded member of a Paranormal Investigation team  “Soulsurvioursuk” with 3 Friends (2006-2009)

* Ayahuasca in 2010/2011:- awakening

* 2012-2015:- Naturally Fully developed the 4 C’s by the end of 2015

* 2015 – Present :- decided to Combine the 4 C’s with Life Coaching & Counselling in order to provide the right level and balance service to clients

See Blog for Explanation of type of Readings that I can provide

Together we will create a space in which new possibilities will emerge,
” Providing you with the keys to unlock your lifes potential.”

My mission:
“I am inspired by all that surrounds me and the laws of the universe and how it relates to mind, body and spirit. To teach you how to catch your dreams and live a purposeful life in love and gratitude, so you too live the life you dream!!!!!”