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Tuning Forks for Healing Therapy

Qualities of Tuning Fork Sound

When one tuning fork is rung it creates one single sound which is called the Fundamental Note; however there are many other notes that are sounded simultaneously which are called the Harmonics or Overtones. These are precise mathematical ratios of the first note. The first harmonic overtone known as a Partial vibrates twice as fast as the first note and the second three times as fast as the first and so on.

When two tuning forks are sounded together this creates a pattern containing two vibrational frequencies; the difference between these frequencies is known as an Interval.

The brain, however, hears not only the two frequencies sounded, but also hears the third frequency, being the difference between the two, by the process of Holographic Sound Translation. Therefore the body responds to three vibrational frequencies if two forks are rung.

When it comes to multiple forks being sounded, the effect is that a multitude of different frequencies, plus all the harmonics or overtones as result of the particular combination selected, are administered to the body in one complexSound Bath.

The tuning forks are made of a special aluminium alloy and are designed to give rich overtone characteristics having warmth and depth. They also have long ringing decay times so that the note is sustained as long as possible, from its initial phase of loudness to the very delicate phase, as the note subsides into an all pervading silence at the end.

Health Problems and Tuning Fork Therapy

A great deal of different health problems can be helped with tuning fork sound therapy, ranging from pain control to behavioural and emotional problems.

There are specific sets which work on muscle circuits and spinal vertebrae, jaw, cranium and the bones of the body.Vital sound contains a wide range of vibrational frequencies which are directly related to alleviation of symptomatic patterns in the body caused by illness.

Tuning fork therapy often has a soothing effect on the nervous system and is good for tension and headaches caused by stress. It energizes and relaxes the body, with the patient often experiencing profound changes by the unblocking of chakra or meridian pathways, causing a redistribution of their own innate healing energy to where it is needed most.


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