Life Coaching

Life Coaching

In a world where many of us face complex life circumstances and decisions, the Life Coach is there to guide you, reward you, encourage you and assist you to succeed in all that you do.

Life Coaching allows you to explore what it is you truly want in life and provides you with the tools, support and encouragement in order for you to achieve personal success. A life coach can help you see opportunities for improvement as well as practical ways forward, acknowledge your achievements and stays committed to you and your goals when you’re ready to give up.

As in counselling, a Life Coach will listen to you in a non-judgemental way. They might offer suggestions about ways in which to move you forward in a particular area, but they will not tell you in a direct way what you should do – that has to come from within you the client.

The life coach will use a variety of skills to create an environment where the individual can gain insight into their situation. This in turn leads to the client making the changes necessary to lead a more fulfilling life.

You would benefit from Life Coaching if you are:

* Stuck in a rut* No longer excited by your work/life and what you do

* No longer being challenged

* Lack of direction

* Lacking in motivation to achieve what you want

* Unsure of the next step

People come to Life Coaching for a number of reasons:

* Help to realize career goals* Develop a more effective life / work balance

* Gain financial independence and ease financial worries

* Improve health and well-being

* Get more out of relationships – friends, families, colleagues, etc

* Increase self-discipline and motivation

* Improve self awareness

April 28, 2016

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