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Tuning Forks for Healing Therapy

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 56 – September 2000

The human body is sustained by life force energy which is referred to as Chi in Chinese medicine and Prana in Indian Medicine. This energy which has electro-magnetic characteristics travels through Meridian pathways inside the physical elements of the body and feeds all the main organs, glands and ultimately every muscle, nerve, tissue and cell.

Diagram representing the Seven Gates of the human body comprising the Chakra and Meridian Energy System which can be used for the purposes of healing

Diagram representing the Seven Gates of the human body comprising the
Chakra and Meridian Energy System which can be used for the purposes of healing


Diagram showing the key relationships between the Chakras, Acupuncture Meridian and Endocrine Glands of the body

Diagram showing the key relationships between the Chakras,
Acupuncture Meridian and Endocrine Glands of the body

Surrounding the outside of the body there are several electrical energy fields created by the Source Energy which are commonly referred to collectively as the Aura. These comprise the meta-physical elements of the body and which have Magneto-electric characteristics.

Located on the mid-line of the body there are seven main transition points for distribution of the life force energy into the physical elements and these are known as the Chakras.

The word Chakra means literally a wheel, and this part of the system is comprised of seven centres of rotating vortices of energy. Their electrical function is to act like downline transformers to feed the higher voltage energy of the magneto-electric energy fields of the aura into the sub-circuits of lower electro-magnetic energy of the Meridian system.

The Meridian system is comprised of twelve principal meridians which act like distribution paths for the energy, and eight meridians which act like vessels to store the energy inside the body.

The Chakra and the Meridian systems are therefore intrinsically linked in order to form a distribution network for the life force energy, and it is this complex system of energy transfer and distribution that is the focus of tuning fork therapy.

By definition, every organ tissue gland and cell in the body depends on a regular and uninterrupted supply of this energy in order to carry out the process of sustaining life.

Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine are both advocates of unblocking and releasing energy disturbances inside and outside the body in order to alleviate the symptoms of disease. The application of tuning fork sound therapy can act as a tool to bring about changes on all levels of this energy system, producing a remarkable healing effect as a result.

The Importance of Sound in Healing

Sound is in constant motion and is made up of three important interconnecting elements namely Pulse, Wave and Form. These cannot exist one without the other as they form a trinity of three elements in action in order to create one powerful force.

The laws governing Quantum Physics has demonstrated that everything in the Universe is made up of vibrational fields and the human body is no exception.

Sound is recognized as the most important form of vibrational energy as it gives birth to all other forms. It can cause different effects in each one of these fields, and vibration from any source can have both beneficial and detrimental effects to our well-being as a whole.

When the human body comes into contact within any of these fields either negative or positive resonance occurs and the body’s delicate cell structure can become affected depending on the source.

Resonance is the process whereby the primary vibration can initiate the secondary vibration which becomes sympathetic to it so that they both start resonating at the same frequency .

A classic example of this is the sound that can be created by the trained voice of an opera singer which can shatter a glass if the note is held long enough; it resonates and vibrates to the point of destruction because the material is not flexible enough to withstand the vibrations it produces in sympathy.

In the case of tuning fork therapy a beneficial process of resonance occurs. This means that if the frequency measured in vibrations per second (vps) is applied by focusing the sound generated by tuning forks on various parts of the body, it can help to establish a new pattern of balance, erasing the detrimental patterns caused by the negative resonance pattern of ill health.

Sound has many other effects on both conscious and unconscious levels often evoking emotional responses; it has a counterbalancing action upon the physical and emotional states of the body and mind. The power of sound for instance can energize the body when tired, or relax the body by soothing the nervous system when we are angry. It also has the amazing ability to lift our spirits in times of depression and grief.

When the internal and external aspects of our lives become at odds with each other we become dissonant which is a lack of harmony or inflexibility. As flexibility to all intensive purposes represents an easier and more harmonic pattern of life, then rigidity is the opposite, being ultimately and literally death.

Translated into its musical form, sound becomes the appreciation of its universal power, for it clearly helps us to become more harmonious and coherent. It is by these standards therefore a truly potent medium for healing.
The Acu-Sound Meridian Set of Tuning Forks}

Acu Sound Tuning Forks

This set of fourteen forks is tuned to the vibrational frequencies of each of the main meridians of the Acupuncture System comprising the following:

1. Central Vessel
2. Governing Vessel
3. Stomach
4. Spleen/Pancreas
5. Heart
6. Small Intestine
7. Bladder
8. Kidney
9. Pericardium
10. Triple Heater
11. Gall Bladder
12. Liver
13. Lung
14. Large Intestine

The meridians are in pairs of Yang and Yin elements (positive and negative/light and dark); these are the opposing forces of energy that regulate the action of life force in matter.

Each pair of meridians has a direct relationship with a particular chakra, musical note, colour or specific endocrine gland as shown in the diagram previously.

The tuning forks come in twelve different sets, each one of which can be targeted at different systems in the body; however, for the purposes of this article the Acu-sound tuning forks are the main set of reference in this article.

The complete list of sets available are as follows : –

1. Acu-Sound
2. Chakra-Sound
3. Muscle-Sound
4. Spinal-Sound
5. Cosmic-Sound
6. Jaw-Sound
7. Vital-Sound
8. Genetic-Sound
9. OM/Cubit-Sound
10. Brain-Sound

On a general level the appropriate tuning forks can be selected by the practitioner using a number of different means including intuition, using a dowsing pendulum, or by making a logical assessment of the patients symptomatic condition and then using the relevant fork or forks related to the meridians or chakra that may be involved.

Other methods involve using kinesiology muscle testing procedures. These fall into two categories that can be either very basic involving one or two forks, or alternatively more advanced, using multiples of tuning forks to correct many complex imbalances in the body.

Qualities of Tuning Fork Sound

When one tuning fork is rung it creates one single sound which is called the Fundamental Note; however there are many other notes that are sounded simultaneously which are called the Harmonics or Overtones. These are precise mathematical ratios of the first note. The first harmonic overtone known as a Partial vibrates twice as fast as the first note and the second three times as fast as the first and so on.

When two tuning forks are sounded together this creates a pattern containing two vibrational frequencies; the difference between these frequencies is known as an Interval.

The brain, however, hears not only the two frequencies sounded, but also hears the third frequency, being the difference between the two, by the process of Holographic Sound Translation. Therefore the body responds to three vibrational frequencies if two forks are rung.

When it comes to multiple forks being sounded, the effect is that a multitude of different frequencies, plus all the harmonics or overtones as result of the particular combination selected, are administered to the body in one complexSound Bath.

The tuning forks are made of a special aluminium alloy and are designed to give rich overtone characteristics having warmth and depth. They also have long ringing decay times so that the note is sustained as long as possible, from its initial phase of loudness to the very delicate phase, as the note subsides into an all pervading silence at the end.

Health Problems and Tuning Fork Therapy

A great deal of different health problems can be helped with tuning fork sound therapy, ranging from pain control to behavioural and emotional problems.

There are specific sets which work on muscle circuits and spinal vertebrae, jaw, cranium and the bones of the body.Vital sound contains a wide range of vibrational frequencies which are directly related to alleviation of symptomatic patterns in the body caused by illness.

Tuning fork therapy often has a soothing effect on the nervous system and is good for tension and headaches caused by stress. It energizes and relaxes the body, with the patient often experiencing profound changes by the unblocking of chakra or meridian pathways, causing a redistribution of their own innate healing energy to where it is needed most.

Tuning Fork Application

The tuning forks are normally held in the hands, making contact with the palms. Used in this way they act as a carrier, channelling the practitioner’s own healing energy into the forks and through into the sound being generated at the fork tips.

The application of the sound therapy can be greatly enhanced by the practitioner’s intent or focus on the problem that is being addressed at the time. The vibrational combination of the sound generated by the tuning forks and is theFrequency and the Intent of the practitioner creates a powerful combination of three elements known as a Trinityto create the Healing Effect.

The tuning fork sound energy can be administered in a very focused point like a laser onto very specific parts of the body, such as directly over the main organs or areas of pain and discomfort.


Tuning forks being used by a practitioner during a Sound therapy treatment. In this case several forks are being
used to treat the Heart Chakra or Plexus point in an active rolling movement over the area


In this case several forks are being used to treat the Brow Chakra or Pineal Plexus
point in a static focused manner over the area

They may also be focused or spiralled into the chakra vortices and nerve plexus positions, or alternatively they may be waved over the body in a figure eight infinity pattern to give a sound bath in the aura.

The actual selection of the required tuning forks using Advanced Kinesiology techniques utilizes the Alarm Points of the Acupuncture System to identify the Meridian that is over energized or under energized. Other simple techniques are also available to use basic muscle testing to select the correct tuning fork combination.

When using the tuning forks to clear the energy blockages the correct area of treatment can often be felt as a thick heaviness in the energy fields surrounding the body. This effect often disappears and feels immediately lighter and more fluid after treatment, when the energy is flowing more evenly to the area.

The reason the application of sound has a powerful therapeutic effect is because it concentrates the vibration into the mind or mental body; it is this element that forms the bridge between the lower aspects of our physical body and the higher aspects of our true Spiritual Self.

Effects of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

The actual effect of tuning fork sound therapy can be verified by a number of methods which include kinesiology muscle testing procedures to check the status of the organ meridian energy circuits and the chakras which are directly over the main nerve plexus points in the physical body.

The effect on the meta-physical elements can be measured with a special camera known as Kirlian Photographywhich captures the changes that take place within the electro-magnetic energy field surrounding the body when the tuning forks are applied during treatment.

The patient’s symptomatic pattern is also assessed at the time of the visit and thereafter to establish the changes taking place on physical and mental levels over the course of tuning fork sound therapy treatments.[1]

The following photographs show the before and after Kirlian photographs of patients who have undergone tuning fork sound therapy treatment as can be seen from these pictures the aura has changed dramatically after the therapy.

Kirlian photo before
Kirkian Photo of Aura before Tuning Fork Therapy
Kirlian photo after
Kirkian Photo of Aura after Tuning Fork Therapy
Kirlian photo before
Kirkian Photo of Aura before Tuning Fork Therapy
Kirlian photo after
Kirkian Photo of Aura after Tuning Fork Therapy

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